Whirlfloc T - Kettle fining tablet made from red seaweed extracts - carageenan. Aids in improving separation of wort suspended solids and allows a greater volume of wort recovery by forming a compact, cohesive trub. Also aids in beer clarity and stability by improving the removal of proteins and gums. Add Whirlfloc tablets directly to the kettle, 10 mins before the end of the boil at the rate of 2 tablets/hL (0.5 tablets per 25L)

Beer finings - Biofine P19- isinglass fining product. Aids in speeding up clarification by accelerating sedimentation of yeast and other insoluble material into a compact layer at the bottom of the fermenter. It does this by electrostatically. Biofine P19 improves beer stabilisation and prolongs shelf life. It increases filtration rate of final beer and assists in overall process optimisation.

Time - particles will settle out in beer according to Stoke's Law. Stoke's Law predicts the settling velocity of a sphere in a fluid.
Settling velocity = 2/9[(Density of sphere - Density of fluid)(radiussphere)2 g ]/ Viscosity of sphere

WARNING - you can only leave the beer in the barrel for long periods provided the fermenter is full i.e. no air space. Either top up your barrel or but something sterliised in (Archimedes Principle) to displace the air.